The Saint Helen Snowpackers will again be out grading the shared trail system this summer.  The shared trails that the Snowpackers maintain include trails 6, 69, 641 and 222.

Here are the days we have scheduled for grading:

May 21st and 23rd
June 4th and 6th
June 23rd and 25th
July 23rd and 25th
August 6th and 8th
August 27th and 29th

There will be other times that the graders will be out working in certain areas.  We ask that you please be careful at all times when you are on the trails; stay to the right side of the trail and watch out for the other guy.  Please move off of the trail if you come upon the grader.  The grader has the right of way and the operator will let you know when it is safe to pass.

If you see a problem on the trails that you believe needs specific attention, please contact the Snowpackers via private message on our Facebook page.

Visit the Snowpacker's Facebook page for the most recent updates from riders in the area.

<Click Here> for a brochure from the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators that explains a bit about trail grooming practices and why we do things the way we do.  THANK YOU! for keeping informed about safe snowmobiling practices.

MDNR Trail Maps are Large .pdf files that give a good outline showing how trails connect.