March 14, 2019:  FAIR BUT FADING FAST

If we listen closely, we may hear the orchestra warming up alongside a plus size, gender neutral singer. It's always hard to face the brutal truth this time of year but, there has been no improvement in conditions this week. Only declining conditions from the warm temps and rain. It may still be possible to ride. But you will likely encounter standing water, slushy areas and areas with no snow. Obviously, grooming operations have been suspended until conditions improve. -SEN

Please be watchful for wheeled vehicle traffic out there on the trails, all traffic for that matter. STAY on the RIGHT side of the trail and ALWAYS assume that someone is coming around the corner and may be on the wrong side of the trail. In our area, the snowmobile trails are a shared trail. Meaning wheeled traffic could be encountered, even on a groomed snowmobile trail. At the request of the DNR/PRD, and MSA, If you see damage that has been done to a groomed snowmobile trail, anywhere in the state, by wheeled vehicles, please take pictures and send them to us via private message or directly to one of the agencies mentioned. Thank you. The majority of all trail users are respectful of our efforts to provide an enjoyable snowmobile experience. They also understand that a lot of money and volunteer hours go into preparing and maintaining the groomed snowmobile trails. This is what your snowmobile trail permit money is used for.

If you see a problem on the trails that you believe needs specific attention, please contact the Snowpackers via private message on our Facebook page.

Visit the Snowpacker's Facebook page for the most recent updates from riders in the area.

<Click Here> for a brochure from the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators that explains a bit about trail grooming practices and why we do things the way we do.  THANK YOU! for keeping informed about safe snowmobiling practices.

MDNR Trail Maps are Large .pdf files that give a good outline showing how trails connect.