The Saint Helen Snowpackers Snowmobile Club is one of the oldest and largest 
snowmobile club located in Roscommon County Michigan.  In the 1980's, and again in 
2010, the Club won recognition by the Michigan Snowmobile Association as "Club of the 
Year".  The Snowpackers are a Trail Grant holder from the MDNR and are responsible for 56 miles of trails around the Saint Helen area.

Snowpackers are active in supporting the local community, and as such, members may be seen participating in many of the local events year around.  They participate in local parades and festivals.  The Club also holds an Annual Snow Run in February, and hosts the bottles and cans return site for the St. Helen Fireworks Committee. 

In the fall, the biggest event is "Brushing and Signing" the snowmobile trails.  In addition to the DNR required signage, "911" emergency locator signs may be found on trails.  History has proven them to be helpful to many of the hikers and hunters in the area by providing an easy means of locating where they are in emergency situations.  In fact, more help has been provided for non-snowmobile activities than has been found necessary for snowmobilers.  These Emergency locator signs in Roscommon County were first installed on the Snowpackers trail system and subsequently installed by neighboring clubs on trails in the rest of the county.

During summer months, in addition to preparing for the fall trail work, the club holds an annual "No Snow Fun Run" providing a way for the folks who enjoy the trails in the summer to participate in a Club sponsored event.

Many different methods of raising funds to support all of the Club's activities are also ongoing during the year, such as sales of MSA raffle tickets and other event activities.

During the Snowmobile Season, the club house strives to be open from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays with coffee and hot chocolate made available.

RIDE SAFE - RIDE SANE........ and keep the track side DOWN.